Claire Claire Claire
I'm Claire Einstein, and if you're here, something's gone terribly right.
Professional brags:
I won a Webby, I hosted a VIP dinner at Aspen, I tripled our proposal win rate, and after I was laid off, my team put together a book of notes saying thank you for being a good manager. That last one is by far the most important, and the hardest to get on a resume.

Some project highlights:​​​​
Touch This Art (The Atlantic for Lincoln Nautilus, 2019)
A New York art installation exploring how we use our senses.
Role: Developed the idea and proposal. Press: TimeOut, AdWeek
The Massacre of Black Wall Street (The Atlantic for HBO's Watchmen, 2019)
A Webby award-winning graphic short with massive organic reach. Role: Developed the idea and proposal, advised on illustrator, art, and copy. Press: AM to DMAV Club, Pedro Pascal's Twitter
The Living Archive (The Atlantic for AWS, 2020)
A video series about the unexpected ways we use cloud computing.
Role: Developed series concept and proposal
American Metamorphosis (The Atlantic for BCG, 2020-22)
A custom podcast on how our country changes, now with over a million downloads.
Role: Developed series concept for seasons 1-3, creative directed renewal for seasons 4-5.
The Chicago Podcast Cooperative (as part of Cards Against Humanity, 2014-2016)
An independent podcast network whose mission was to give artists a chance to grow their own projects. Role: Developed the concept and business plan, managed podcasts, and managed ad revenue. Press: Niemen Lab
The Holiday Hole (as part of Cards Against Humanity, 2016)
An absurdist Black Friday stunt that required digging a literal hole in the middle of nowhere and live-streaming it to over 4 million viewers. Role: led entire project. Press: NPR, CNN, CNET.
Encyclopedia Commedia 
A monthly variety show at Caveat, with comedians, performers, and experts exploring everything from A to Z. Role: Co-host, writer, producer. Press: TimeOut, Broadway World.
Illustration and Lettering
Throughout my career, I've maintained a freelance and personal art practice (it's what my degree is in after all). If you're interested in seeing my portfolio, click on that headline. 
If you want to chat, shoot me an email: