The finished product. It's a real thing in a real box!
Wow it's real cards in a real hand!
For me, this project was an exercise in iteration. These are 80 of the possible card backs I designed, all the way from text on solid colors to text on a hand-drawn dirigible. The stars on the back of the cards became symbols used throughout the game.
Everything on the cards started in my sketchbook. All the final cards were drawn in pencil, traced, inked, scanned, cleaned up in Illustrator and colored.
All the cards that made it into the final game.
All of the character card fronts in the final version of the game.
The prototypes! This is from a set of photos I took for our Kickstarter. We set out to raise $10k, and on June 30th we successfully ended our campaign having raised $13,205. Weeeeeee diiiiiiiiid iiiiiiiiiiiit woooooooo!
Wow look at how much fun everyone is having. I like having a physical object out in the world that people can hold and play with and even maybe buy if that's your thing.
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