Every Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity does a Thing. Things like the price of everything by $5, selling literal bullshit, and selling absolutely nothing. In 2016, we dug a hole. 
A hole? Yes a hole! All I was told was "we're going to dig a hole, figure out how to do it." I served as the project lead for the whole shebang. 
My duties included writing project requirements, driving all over the state find land, and working with lawyers to incorporate a separate entity and insure the project. I also hired a film crew to livestream the dig, overseeing the design and development of a website where users could give money to fund the dig.  Look there it is! Right below this!
Wow what a website!  (Developed by Andrew Briggs, what a pro.) The system was simple: users contributed money toward the hole. That money would extend the dig by a certain amount of time, time got more and more expensive the longer the dig went. At first, $5 might extend the clock by 22 seconds. By the end, $5 couldn't even buy you a second of dig time. When they bought in, users would get a thank you that said something like this:
Honestly, we had no idea if it would work. I estimated we'd raise between $53,000 and $81,000. We wound up raising just over $100,000, with a total of four million viewers on YouTube, rising to #8 on trending videos.
Look at that beautiful hole. Gosh, just looking at it brings a tear to my eye. And we weren't alone! Other people liked it to! They liked it!
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