Starting with the finished product! Here is the Nerdologues site as of August 2016. A lot of features have been added (a Patreon bar, a page for Fisticuffs!, a bot that auto-pulls podcast quotes every week). The fundamental design has been consistent since the site launched in 2014.
As always, the site started with sketching. After a lot of drawings with rotating banners and other nonsense, we decided that it'd be best to make everything into an individual, identically weighted card. Cards are organized chronologically, with upcoming "IRL events" staying sticky at the top. This is easily the best of the drawings I saved. Most of them are completely unreadable, as all good sketches are.
Wireframes for the about page. For the past several years I've been doing wireframes in grayscale, it helps me feel foregrounds and backgrounds easier. This is something I've carried over from painting, and I've been really surprised at how much easier it makes front end development for me.
This was one of the  comps of the homepage before development. Initially, only one online piece and one real life event were featured on the page. We decided to change it to an infinite scroll homepage to allow people to explore everything the Nerdologues were doing.  
Once the comps were finalized, several elements wound up changing, usually to make the site cleaner or make something easier to code. That process involved a lot of discussion with Steve, who is great at balancing what's excess and what is cool enough to invest time into.
A late comp of the About Page. I am excellent at filler copy, Mary Beth obviously turned in her bio first.
The About page as of August 2016. We've now enabled a feature so that all videos, podcasts, shows and links associated with each member is linked at the bottom of their bio.
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