The prompt for the Cornholes cereal mascot needed to feel like a 70s cartoon and an upsetting R Crumb cartoon. I wanted a crack at it, and 2 hours after that meeting this initial drawing was done.
I cleaned it up digitally and colored it using a palette developed from 70s cereal. I wanted to make sure to keep a lot of the sketchiness there to make it feel handdrawn. Around this time, we named him Clunt.
The final prototype! I changed Clunt's expression so he seemed sad and in pain instead of angry, which played into the incredibly sad narrative we built on the rest of the box.
The box design and photography were done by the incomparable Amy Schwartz.

The pack launched with illustrations of Clunt and his whole family in late 2015. You can buy it on Cards Against Humanity's website, I'd recommend against eating the cereal.
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