From 2011-2015, I was a member of the comedy collective, the Nerdologues. During that time, I was the go-to designer and videographer. I also co-hosted Your Stories, a live storytelling show turned podcast. In 2016, our podcast heroes were looking a bit dated (see below). They needed a lil freshenin'.
The original show logos were designed in 2012. We wanted them to be colorful and visually consistent. At the time, we leaned pretty hard into making things seem cartoonish with hand-inspired, varied line weights. After a few years, these felt very outdated.
The refresh was very simple. The basic colors remained, as did the characters. The initial Nerdbot was cleaned up, then the other characters were redone in the same style. Background colors were adjusted to give the shows an updated palette, everything was cleaned up and given a fresh new feel. 
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